Here are the projects I am currently involved with, most of which are open source. These are listed in no particular order.


Maintainer - M

(Co)Creator - C

Open Source - O

Private - P

Ansible [M/O]

Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid writing scripts or custom code to deploy and update your applications— automate in a language that approaches plain English, using SSH, with no agents to install on remote systems. My contributions are largely focused around AWS integration.

Ansible Lockdown [M/C/O]

Ansible Lockdown is an open source project that aims to make the application of security baselines easier to apply to an IT estate via Ansible. The DISA STIG and CIS Benchmarks are the current implementations.

SAML2 Auth for Django [M/C/O]

After finding a complete lack of SAML2 authentication backends for Django, I created one under sponsorship of MindPoint Group. It’s production ready and licensed under MIT terms.

Image Management - [M/C/P]

Currently developing a platform that aims to make it easy to manage the lifecycle of machine images across public cloud providers in such a way that promotes DevOps practices while also allowing orgs to keep their cloud estate free of stale images while keeping their baselines (ie Golden Images) in a properly patched state.

Eloquent Ansible - [M/C/P]

Currently developing a full blown learning platform for individuals and organizations to learn how to leverage Ansible effectively. The platform is based on my experience delivering Ansible professional services across countless organizations in both public and private sector.


While I do need to do more of this, the following are links to presentations I’ve delivered.

DC Python - Washington, DC - 2016

DevOps Days Austin - Austin, TX - 2015

DC Python - Washington, DC - 2014

Hire Me

I’m thrilled that you might be interested in working with me.

I care deeply about giving back to open-source, workplace diversity, and helping others achieve their goals. I cannot work or contract with an organization that is at odds with these things.

Important: If you are against contributing back your changes to open source work you leverage, if you think current diversity in tech is ‘not bad’, or if you see your people as expendable, then please, do not try to work with me.

Currently, I’m not actively seeking full-time work. However, I’m open to contract work on a part time or ad hoc basis.

If you’d like to reach out regarding this type of work, hit me up on LinkedIn.

Join Me


I’m currently working on building infosec related webapps for MindPoint Group. Our team is currently small but we plan to start growing and are looking for solid engineers who want a piece of the action. At a high-level, we’re hard at work in order to make security best-practices and easy thing to implement across an IT estate.

In the dev process we use AWS, Heroku, CircleCI, Meteor Galaxy and Mongo’s Atlas. We’re comfortable tinkering with the bleeding edge and we’re also pretty big proponents of being part of open source communities. Imagine having all the dynamism of a startup including scope of impact, minus the whole funding problem.

So if you think working along side me would be cool my team needs help in the web app dev department. We use JavaScript (nodejs) and Python (django) but we don’t care if you’ve only ever worked in Rails or . As long as you have a good grasp of web dev concepts I’m interested in chatting with you.

Hit me up on Keybase, IRC (defionscode on freenode), or LinkedIn.