Work Opportunities


Before you contact me you should know who I am professionally. If I emailed you linking you to this page it is because you failed to do basic research. There are three easy steps to understanding me in a professional sense.

  1. Look at my LinkedIn
  2. Visit my Projects page
  3. Read a few things from my blog

After you have done that, if you still feel that your job is a proper fit then feel free to reach out to me directly.


I’m frequently available to do part-time (maximum of 40 hours per month) contract work. In contract roles I function best as a force-multiplier for your team(s). That is to say, I can help introduce more efficient processes and help round out any missing team capabilities through training and guidance. However, if you wish to use my skill sets in IT automation or software development, that is ok too.


If you’re interested in having me join your team in full-time capacity. I am humbled. However, I’m very reliant on my own network for future work opportunities (except the Army, I have never gotten a job via submitting an application). Therefore, if you wish to hire me for your organization one day, it’ll be easiest if we form a relationship long before I start looking for new work. Feel free to reach out!