Using Ansible to Satisfy Compliance Controls; FedRAMP is a pain (video not avaible due to AV issues) || AnsibleFest 2018

NASA Born: Secure OS Baslines with Ansible And CodeShip || DevOpsDays Austin 2015

Developing Custom Ansible Modules || DC Python

How NASA Uses Ansible || DC Python

Open Source


The first ever command line utitity which makes it fast and easy to explore DISA STIG content from the terminal.

Lambda Recurse

Allows nodejs developers to surpass the 5-minute limit on Lambda through clever recursion.


Provides table reporting of STIG audits when using openscap-scanner.

Django SAML2 Pro Auth

The first ever SAML2 authentication backend for Django. Before this, there were rough implementations spread across different projects on the web.

Ansible Lockdown

My most ambitious project which aims to make it easier for organizations to automate security hardening for their IT infrastructure.


I did not start this project but I was instrumental in its early days for developing key integration points with AWS including the IAM modules.