When Cruelty is Labeled Blunt, Straightforward, or Just Being Honest

There are people who state they are blunt, or that they're “just being honest”. Frequently, this a cover for cruel behavior; I know this, because I was once this way.

It's entirely possible to be honest, straightforward, even blunt, while also being kind. This is the way to keep meaningful friendships, to keep love.

“You idea doesn't make any sense, why did you think this would feasible? What were you thinking?”


“I don't fully understand your idea. Could you walk me through it? There might be a better way, but I want to make sure I get where you are coming from first.”

Both are honest and straightforward, but only the latter is likely to provide a good outcome for both individuals.

Be honest. Be straightforward. Cruelty isn't necessary.

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